Down Syndrome – Five Essential Services Help Young Adults Live Independently With Down Syndrome

When kids with Down syndrome are still kids, the services they are entitled to are a lot more clear cut than for adults with Down syndrome. There are early intervention programs, mandatory special education programs, speech therapy, occupational therapy and so on. Therapies can take up a lot of time in a child with Down syndrome’s life.But what about when they get older? What about when kids with Down syndrome become adults with Down syndrome? What services are available to help then? If you have a child in high school, these are questions that have probably been on your mind.Adults with Down SyndromeMany adults with Down syndrome will continue to live with their parents after they finish high school. In some cases, they can live in apartments, often with other people who have Down syndrome or other disabilities, along with a caretaker who helps take care of their needs. Some will live in group homes. Sometimes they can even live on their own with only a little outside help.Services to Help Adults with Down SyndromeAdults with Down syndrome are usually eligible for disability payments, which will help pay their living expenses. They are also usually eligible for food stamps to help with food expenses, and aides that can come and help with cooking and self-care tasks, as well as with budgeting and nutrition.1. Adult “Foster Care”Another situation is that sometimes adults with Down syndrome are placed with other adults who don’t mind helping to care of them in exchange for some extra income – sort of a “foster parent” system for the over 21 crowd. There are many different living options for adults with Down syndrome. This environment, where another adult helps with the needs of a Down syndrome adult is fairly innovative – but it may be ideal given your situation.2. Jobs for Down Syndrome Adults and Vocational RehabilitationWhat, you may ask, will adults with Down syndrome do with their time? Some will be able to get jobs – perhaps working in restaurants, or at banks, or in the service industry. There are organizations called sheltered workshops that provide employment to people with disabilities, or day programs that your adult with Down syndrome can go to.Vocational Rehabilitation, also known as Voc Rehab, can help adults with Down syndrome who want to find a job that is suited to their skill level and abilities. They can also provide job coaches. Job coaches learn the job with you and help provide guidance and instruction on the job.3. Food StampsFood stamps: if you make below a certain income level, then you are eligible for food stamps. Food stamps can help you purchase food for the month. Instead of actual stamps, like they used to do, you will get an electronic debit card that you can use at most major food retailers to buy food. A certain amount is put on your card once a month. The amount differs quite a bit from state to state, and it also depends on how much income you have. Amounts generally range between $1-200 a month for a single person, but again, it varies.4. Section 8 HousingSome people with Down syndrome do move out on their own. For those who need assistance with paying for housing, and who live in the U.S., you can apply for a Section 8 Housing voucher. The waiting lists for these vouchers are usually quite long, unfortunately, so you should apply as soon as you know you might need help, and be prepared to wait. If approved, though, these vouchers can help a lot. Another thing to look for to help pay for housing costs are apartment buildings that have their own subsidies attached. These are apartments where if you qualify, you will only have to pay a certain percentage of your income to live there.5. Medicare and MedicaidBoth of these programs are U.S. national health insurance programs that can help you pay for health insurance if you are either very low income, disabled, or both. Most people who receive disability payments usually get health insurance as well through one of these programs. This can help you pay for your doctors’ visits, prescription medications, and any hospital stays that you have.Your local branch of the Department of Human Services will best know how to direct you to the appropriate services that your young adult with Down syndrome is eligible for. Be sure to take advantage of whatever programs your city and state have. With a little help, your adult with Down syndrome can have a healthy and happy life for many years to come.

10 Ways to Cure Adult Acne

Many people believe that only teenagers suffer from acne, but the truth is it’s a problem that many people have well into their adult years. As many as half of adult women and a quarter of adult men have regular problems with adult acne. While not everyone has a serious and recurring problem with adult acne, almost everyone has at least an occasional bump or two crop up, usually at the worst possible moment.Acne can be even more embarrassing as an adult than it was as a teen. Everyone expects teens to get acne, but when an adult shows up with it everyone notices something is wrong. Here are the best ten ways to get rid of adult acne before it becomes a serious problem.1. Follow a regular daily cleansing regimen. This means a gentle wash of any places you had acne as a teen, followed by a light moisturizer whether you need it or not. Most acne is caused by a buildup of dead skin and oil, and this regimen ensures that these two substances are flushed away before they become a problem. However, make sure you don’t over do it, as washing your face too often can cause your skin to produce more oil making your acne even worse.2. For women, add a treatment of benzoyl peroxide at the end of at least one daily cleansing regimen as soon as you start feeling any signs of PMS, and a day or two before if possible. This may prevent or minimize those hormonally-triggered breakouts.3. If you have periodic problems with adult acne but outbreaks are not predictable or severe, use a soap or moisturizer that includes salicylic acid.4. All steroids are linked to acne breakouts. If you’re taking steroids for arthritis, asthma, or any other reason, ask your doctor if there is another option, or see if he has anything you can use to stop those outbreaks. Medications for epilepsy and depression may also trigger adult acne, so if you’ve just started taking one and suddenly have a problem, talk to your doctor.5. Maintain a healthy diet. While it’s a myth that eating chocolate (or other trigger foods) once can cause an outbreak, the key to healthy skin is a healthy body. Make sure you eat foods that contain plenty of antioxidants as they help treat acne from the inside out.6. Makeup is a common cause of adult acne. Look for noncomedogenic, hypoallergenic makeup, and especially try to find water-based foundation.7. Another common cause of adult acne is pressure, from backpacks, helmets, even sports glasses. If your acne is cropping up in a place prone to this sort of pressure or even lots of sweating, consider ways you can reduce or eliminate the cause of the pressure.8. For sudden serious outbreaks, very warm showers to open the pores are often helpful. Noxema or similar menthol-based cleansers open the pores and dissolve oils without over drying skin9. A sudden problem zit can often be cleared up with white toothpaste. Dab it on, then leave it there overnight.

Lonely Wives Cheating on Their Husbands on Online Dating Websites – What Men Need to Know

Lonely wives are cheating on online dating websites in big numbers. The following is a warning about why you should NOT waste your time chasing these desperate and lonely wives.There is one exception to this, as you will find out later. If you belong to this category of men, and the cheating wives are of a special type – then you CAN pursue them on the Internet. Otherwise, leave them alone.But why are women cheating on their husbands on Internet dating sites? What is driving them towards infidelity with men, when they would probably not consider being unfaithful spouses in the real word?1. It is EasySimple as that. Women do not have to make any effort to meet men by traveling, going to places secretly hoping the husband doesn’t find out. All she has to do is log on, and start browsing.2. Sexualization of SocietyEverywhere you look, people are assaulted by sexual images. Lots of women are susceptible to the messages driven by advertising and popular culture. If she isn’t getting sexual satisfaction from her lawful husband at home, she can seek her orgasms from other men. She used to be called a slut, now she is “empowered”.3. Sex AddictionSome nymphomaniacs have clinical sexual addiction. There are treatments for this. If you suspect your wife may be a sex addict, there are some signs that you can look out for. Don’t be surprised to find a stash of pornography in a hiding place. Also, be aware of her spending an unusual amount of time on the Internet – she could be trawling for guys to have sex with on adult dating websites. If she is reluctant to let you check her online history start worrying.4. Boring Sex Life With Their HusbandsWomen can be unsatisfied sexually by their husbands. Women looking for some excitement by cheating could find online dating sites a big temptation. Men need to make sure they are giving their wives the sexual attention they need. If you are a man with some sexual dysfunction, seek treatment.Why Men Should Avoid Cheating Wives on Dating SitesThere are two primary reasons men why should steer clear of women on dating sites who are cheating on their husbands.
Relationships with married women can destroy families – hers and yours. Men do not want to be held responsible for wrecking a married woman’s family or his own.
Jealous husbands can be very dangerous for your health. You could wind up in hospital, or worse still, at the cemetery!There is, however, one scenario where having a sexual relationship with a married woman you met online it IS OKAY!That is when her husband is a sexual non-performer, AND when he gives his approval for you to attend to his wife’s sexual needs. This happens more often than you would imagine, and such arrangements can actually save marriages based on love, but in which the woman’s sexual needs need attention from someone other than the husband.