Is Online Single Dating – Is It For You?

It is no secret that everyone is looking for that special someone. No one wants to be alone or eating dinner by themselves. In years past it was much more difficult to find a date. Today with the internet and online single dating, it is easier then ever. If you have a computer and internet connection you are on your way to finding your next date. Sounds easy, but you are still skeptical, no problem. There are thousands of people that are getting married everyday from meeting online. The reason is because instead of meeting someone at the bar, when your both drunk, with online dating you get to pick potential mates based on their profile. Let me guide you through finding the right mate.First, make a list of the traits in the opposite sex that you like. Write them down on a piece of paper. This is one of the first steps in being successful in the online single dating world. After you have your list then you should rate them from one to ten. Number one being the most important and down the list to ten, which is not as important. The list should look something like this when you finish:1. Fun loving2. Good listener3. Pretty eyesEtc for 4-910. Not shyPretty easy, right? Now when you are searching through other members profiles tailor your search around the list. That way you are looking at people that meet your criteria. Sure, no one will most likely fit your list perfectly, but it makes a good guide. You can also do this for dislikes, personality, career and last of all physical traits and characteristics.
Secondly, take your time and do not fall for the first person that shows interest in you. Do give them a chance, but if you find yourself having to ignore things or overlook personality, educational or class differences, remember there are hundreds of potential mates waiting for you. Don’t jump into a relationship or settle, there is a perfect match for everyone. Jumping in to a relationship is one of the most commonly made mistakes in the online single dating world. Take your time, visit with the person and really get to know them. If they seem like the right match then pursue it to the next level.Thirdly, proceed cautiously until you really know the individual that you are talking to. It is advisable to set up a free email address and not give your main email address out. You may want to move on, but the person you met may not. If they have your email address it can prove to be an aggravating experience. If you have a free email address like hotmail or Gmail you can dump the address and get a new one. Also be careful about the information that you share in the beginning. Get to know the person a little better before you disclose any personal information. Most people are truly looking for love, but as always there are people out there looking for information. You can keep yourself safe if you talk to them and do not divulge any personal information until you know them better. The way to tell these scam artists is that they will not stick around if you are not feeding them personal information, they are not patient and will move onto someone else. Just be safe and you will have the best online single dating experience ever.